Chrysanthemum Topaz Pinto

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  • Chrysanthemum Topaz Pinto
    • Eye: Topaz Chrysanthemum

Starting on April 1, 2017 Amaertto announced the release of all new Birthstone Flower Horses.

From November 1st until November 30th, 2017 when you breed any horse with a Chrysanthemum Topaz Eye to any color Pinto you will have the chance at a Chrysanthemum Topaz Pinto!

This beautiful coat DOES NOT have the ability to pass, but the all new eye DOES. So much like the show horses of the past, these beauties will be fun to breed for!

The Chrysanthemum Topaz Pinto coat DOES NOT have the ability to pass.

The Topaz Chrysanthemum DOES have the ability to pass!