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List of Horse Traits Horse Coats Horse Eyes Mane & Tail Brandings Other Traits Leg Traits Wings Bridles Horns Saddles Ear Tips
  • Black Bridle
  • White Bridle
  • Gold Bridle
  • Silver Bridle
  • Pink Bridle
  • Blue Bridle
  • Green Bridle
  • Red Bridle
  • Rainbow Bridle
  • Purple Bridle
  • Candy Cane Bridle
  • Orange Bridle
  • Leather Bridle
  • Clover Bridle
  • Kelly Bridle
  • Independence Bridle

On June 22, 2013 Amaretto help a 100 Years of Hope OOAK Auction and raised 2,250,200 Lindens!

The 4 Amaretto OOAK Apocalypse Horses were auctioned off for a total of 1,610,000 Linden.

The Amaretto OOAK Apocalypse Horse – Conquest sold for 300,000 Linden.

The Amaretto OOAK Apocalypse Horse – Death sold for 600,000 Linden.

The Amaretto OOAK Apocalypse Horse – Famine sold for 335,000 Linden.

The Amaretto OOAK Apocalypse Horse – War sold for 375,000 Linden.

It was announced at the auction that these beautiful one of a kind horses are also hiding the 21st trait! It was revealed that the bridle was the 21st trait.

The bridle DOES have the ability to pass.

On Monday December 18th Amaretto released the Amaretto 2013 Holiday Horses at all Amaretto Locations! These special horses were on sale until January 1, 2014! What make these even more special are the hidden surprises they hold. By breeding any of this year’s holiday horses with any other horse you may find 1 of 4 new bridle colors (blue, red, pink or green)!

On April 14,2014 Amaretto released the Limited Edition Spring Spirit - New Leaves and Limited Edition Spring Spirit - Budding Flowers. These Limited Edition Spring Spirit Horses were sold at all Amaretto Store Locations These were sold between April 14,2014 and April 21, 2014 only! These Limited Edition horses held the hidden surprise of 4 new bridle colors! (Rainbow Bridle, Purple Bridle, Candy Cane Bridle, Orange Bridle)

On March 3, 2017 Amaretto celebrated St. Patrick's Day with some St. Patrick's Day Horses! You could get a chance at a Kelly and Clover Bridle from any breeding.

On July 4, 2018 Amaretto celebrated Independence day with traits that randomly dropped for 24 hours the Independence Bridle was one of the random traits!

 All bridles are pictured on a Walkers