2011 Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser Horses

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List of Horse Traits Horse Coats Horse Eyes Mane & Tail Brandings Other Traits Leg Traits Wings Bridles Horns Saddles Ear Tips
  • Limited Edition Think Pink Fuchsia
    • Eye: Think Pink Cirque Fuchsia Eye
  • Limited Edition Think Pink White
    • Eye: Think Pink Cirque White Eye
  • Limited Edition Boob-Bee Horse
    • Eye: Ghost Eye
  • Limited Edition Hooter Horse
    • Eye: Hallow Moon Eye

Amaretto is deeply involved in doing fundraising for various charities and from time to time will release Limited Edition Horses to help raise funds for these charities.

The Breast Cancer Awareness Horses were released on October 24, 2011 in efforts to raise funds for Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser. 100% of the proceeds were given directly to Making Strides for Breast Cancer to benefit the American Cancer Society.

Please note that the coat does NOT pass.

Each of these horses has a specially designed eye that CAN pass.